Learning Online

It’s amazing how many free or low cost learning solutions exist online. Currently, I’m using DataCamp, Udemy, and Code Academy. I’m also following specific experts including Nathan Yau, Hadley Wickham and Graham Williams.

New format coming!

Thanks for stopping by EricFrayer.com. Over the years, I’ve used wiki’s, blogs and other content sharing tools to post thoughts, tips and reference materials. Most of this was internal to the companies I’ve worked for. Either on “SharePoint Intranets” or “Confluence” pages or other web based knowledge management or content sharing sites.

At this point, it makes sense to post “samples of work” to build out my professional online resume. I’m using AWS and Azure to host this content. My interest is in finding insights and making data actionable. Not just buzzwords but actually demonstrating how all the pieces come together to give the end-user meaningful analytics.

I’ve been thinking about this for 10 plus years. Now it’s time to share!